Gabriel Kansas

Production, Engineering, Composition, & Instrumentation

We set out to make a project as indie as they come with Hunter Thompson. We worked on every piece until it felt just right. There was no timeline, and no concession. (Check out "Clouds" and "Springtime Summer")

Spring Reverb, Campfire Stories, Simpler Times, The Civil Wars

Heartache and a song

Production & Engineering

We started off with clear instructions for a certain direction, and as nothing remotely resembling that materialized during the songwriting process, another record entirely revealed itself. Renn's record is a carefully sharpened knife to the chest, telling the story of a love that ended brutally. Recorded live on the floor at Gat 3 in Charlotte, this is a timeless story told in a way that is universally relatable. (Check out "King of California" and "Jezebel")

Waylon Jennings, Loads of therapy, Dave Cobb, Jameson®


Production, Composition, & Instrumentation

This album was the result of taking a year with Bethel Music to work hard as a team and create something entirely new and previously unheard of in the genre. Using stacks of gear in a makeshift studio (in a garage without air conditioning in one of the hottest places on earth), what emerged was an album that pushed for vulnerability and honesty in a traditionally corporate environment. (Check out "Letting Go", "Give Me Jesus", and "Tides")

Lack of air conditioning, Emily Haynes + Thom Yorke, The Squire Room, How-to manuals, A badly made Reason 5 Theremin

Split the sky

Production, Mixing, Engineering, Programming & Instrumentation

Chris Quilala wanted to make something really different and inspiring sonically, so we set off to see what we could find together. The result was a nod to both future and past, in dream/chill pop fashion, and was an absolute blast to work on. So many great people involved on this one, and an experience I'd love to recreate over and over again. (Check out "Because of Your Love"  and "Heart's Cry")

Blue Neighborhood, DJI Inspire flights through Snowy Trees, Juno 60, Prophet 5, Eurorack Modular System, Tetris Gameboy Soundtrack

The Garden

Pre-Production, Keys, Bass, & Programming

Working closely with producer Jeremy Edwardson (Jesus Culture, The Myriad), I spent a few weeks working up production demos and programming drums, keys, and synth textures to underlay Kari Jobe's vision for a magical, expansive soundscape. (Check out "Speak to Me"  and "The Garden")

Hammock, Kanye West, Beauty Behind the Madness, James Bond: Die Another Day

You Make Me Brave

Production, Bass, & Programming

This came on the heels of Bethel's year-long Tides project, and allowed for only one week of production rehearsals for all new songs in the (aforementioned and non-air-conditioned) garage. If it hadn't been for pre-production demo's expertly made by Bobby Strand while we were still in mix for Tides, I don't think this project would have made it. This was a really special project for us that had some beautiful spontaneous moments captured live during the event, as well as some powerhouse songs that were bound to make a heavy impact.  (Check out "You Make Me Brave" and "Shepherd")

Bobby Strand, No One's Gonna Love You, Meeting the girl who would eventually become my wife, Roland V Kit

More projects

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