Thunderbird Studio


Make art that lasts.


Art takes time, attention, and connection. 

This is a core value we hold close to the chest when we work on any type of project. 

We believe that the world deserves the chance to truly see the artistry in your work, out from underneath the blanket of ambition and from behind the veil of "cool."

Thunderbird Studio provides a place where you can be comfortable, take risks, and put it all on the line. We don't make music for the sake of achievement, we make it purely because it's what we as artists are made to do. give people an opportunity to experience something through a different lens, to help both ourselves and others feel things, and to paint into reality the dreams we see, hear, and feel every waking minute; this is why we do it. 

Let's work together.



The Space


Thunderbird Studio is in the heart of downtown Redding, California, in a former gold rush era historic hotel. 

Bottom line, it's got character. 

Studio A is a vast old brick tavern with enough light to keep you inspired while you toy with synths or lay down guitar tracks, in its open air environment meant to induce collaboration. We've also built a drum room that is vibey as hell

Studio B functions primarily as a writing and demo facility, with a loft upstairs for artists to stay while they work at Thunderbird.